Here are a few notes that will help you in preparing for your upcoming project.

To get you on the installer list, you will have to start be getting all the design for the cabinets done and have all you appliance/materials all sorted out. The manager will provide you with the contact information of your installer once everything is figured out. As soon as the materials are received, your installer will contact you to schedule an installation date.

Our goal is to perform timely, efficiently and safely in your home while completing the installation. Some installations take more than a day to complete, so schedule with your installer accordingly.

Determine the area where you would like the product to be placed upon delivery and provide access to the same.
Upon installation, you will be asked to verify for quality and completeness of your product/installation. Contact us if you find any shortcomings in the same.

Expect a clean up of the job site post-installation.




Q: When do I need to start picking out my cabinets?​

A: It's never too early to start, but you may delay installation if you wait too late. Generally, you should have most of your design decisions made by the time the house is "dried in" (roof work is complete). Once the dry wall is installed, all measurements are confirmed and construction on your cabinets can begin.

Q. I saw a cabinet style I liked in a magazine. Can you duplicate it?

A. We commonly get this request and we welcome any pictures you may have that will help convey your ideas. But as a custom cabinet manufacturer, But here at Texo Cabinets we are versatility and expertise to design and build most of any traditional style wood cabinet.

Q. What's the difference between your custom cabinets and "store bought" cabinets?

 A. Unlike cabinets that can be purchased at most home-center stores, "Texo Cabinets" offers a true custom cabinet. Every cabinet is unique and made specifically for you and your home only. You will never be limited by a manufacturer's catalog with our cabinets. Our cabinets incorporate 3/4" inch box construction for strength, with solid wood face–frames, and modern hidden European style hinges and drawer slides.

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